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'Alternative Facts' The Non-Word Of 2017: Linguists
German linguists have declared the phrase "alternative facts," popularized by White House aide Kellyanne Conway, the non-word of 2017.

Wallaby Hops Across Sydney Harbor Bridge, Captured Uninjured
A wayward wallaby disrupted downtown traffic by bounding across the Sydney Harbor Bridge on Tuesday with police in pursuit.

Shiver Me Timbers! New Signs Pirates Liked Booty _ And Books
Dead men tell no tales, but there's new evidence that somebody aboard the pirate Blackbeard's flagship harbored books among the booty.

Arizona Police Arrest 80-Year-Old Man In Armed Bank Robbery
Police in Arizona have arrested an 80-year-old man they say robbed a credit union at gunpoint.

Ritz Carlton, A Luxury Saudi Prison, Takes Feb. 14 Bookings
The Ritz Carlton in Saudi Arabia's capital may be reopening its doors in time for Valentine's Day, after serving for several months as a prison for the country's elite caught up in what the government has described as a crackdown on corruption.

Butcher Trapped In Freezer Uses Sausage To Bash His Way Out
A British butcher who got locked in a freezer says he was saved by a frozen sausage that he used as a battering ram.

Police: Hand Grenade Disarmed After Being Found In Trash
A hand grenade found in the trash by Connecticut waste management employees has been disarmed.

Storm Blew Historic Building To Canada; Maine Wants It Back
A fishing-industry building on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places is half-submerged in waters near a Canadian island, and conservationists fear it could disintegrate before legal tangles are resolved.

A Lofty Proposal: 'Marry Me' Etched In Snow, Seen From Above
An aviation student in northern Minnesota pulled off a sky-high marriage proposal by writing "Marry Me" in the snow, then flying his long-time girlfriend over his handiwork.

Rapper With Song 'Sell Drugsz' Gets Prison For Selling Drugs
A Rhode Island rapper whose songs include "Sell Drugsz" has been sentenced to three years in prison for doing just that.

Couple Embrace Before Surrendering To Pursuing Officers
A couple got out of an SUV and then embraced before surrendering to pursuing sheriff's deputies after a chase for miles across part of metro Phoenix.

Outdoor Center Warns Skiers Of Dive-Bombing Owl
Officials at a Maine outdoor center are warning skiers to watch out for an "aggressive dive-bombing" owl that recently struck a man.

Hoo Is Next? Man Says He's Latest Victim Of Owls In Georgia
A spate of recent owl attacks has ruffled the feathers of metropolitan Atlanta's residents.

Beach Blades! Maine Teen Glides Over Frozen Sand, Surf
an ice skater's blades gliding over frozen sand and surf.

Tattoos Lead Thai Police To Arrest Japanese Gang Member
Thai police said they have arrested a 74-year-old fugitive Japanese gang member who was recognized when photos of his full-body tattoos were circulated online.

Say Cheese! Young Chefs Spar In Grilled Cheese Challenge
The youngest of three Maine chefs has taken first place in the inaugural Augusta Agricultural Trades Show gourmet grilled cheese sandwich contest.

Guam's Governor Fooled By Russian Comedians Via Phone Call
Guam's governor was duped by a pair of Russian comedians who pretended to be officials from Ukraine.

Holiday Decor To Park Chalet? Capitol Tree Heads To Montana
The spruce tree destined to serve as the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree was carefully selected from a Montana forest and hauled across the country in a special truck to preserve its freshness.

Baby Sloth Ready For Visitors At Pittsburgh National Aviary
Pittsburgh's indoor zoo dedicated to birds has an adorable new member: a baby two-toed sloth.

Couple With Pot Gifts Again Arrested In Nebraska
A California couple arrested in Nebraska last month for carrying 60 pounds of marijuana they described as family Christmas gifts have again been arrested in Nebraska, this time on suspicion of carrying drug money.

Rome's Mangy Christmas Tree To Be Carved Up Into Souvenirs
Rome's pathetic Christmas tree, so droopy and dried out that residents nicknamed it "The Mangy One," will be carved up and turned into souvenirs and a lactation hut for mothers and babies, city officials said Tuesday.

Good Samaritans Rescue Moose Calf Trapped In Snow
A group of concerned citizens in Maine saved a young moose trapped in the snow.

Swiss Police Arrest 80-Year-Old Man For Masked Bank Robbery
Swiss authorities say they have apprehended an 80-year-old man on allegations he robbed a bank near the city of Lucerne.

Police: Woman Was Topless During Attempt To Rob Uber Driver
A Louisiana couple is accused of attempting to rob an Uber driver that the woman distracted by being topless.

Maine Whale Biologist Says Whale Protected Her From Shark
A marine biologist believes a humpback whale shielded her from a 15-foot tiger shark in the South Pacific.

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'Alternative Facts' The Non-Word Of 2017: Linguists

Wallaby Hops Across Sydney Harbor Bridge, Captured Uninjured

Shiver Me Timbers! New Signs Pirates Liked Booty _ And Books

Arizona Police Arrest 80-Year-Old Man In Armed Bank Robbery

Ritz Carlton, A Luxury Saudi Prison, Takes Feb. 14 Bookings