Strange Headlines

Huge Squirrel Population Chomps Crops, Driving Farmers Nuts
There's a bumper crop of squirrels in New England, and the frenetic critters are frustrating farmers by chomping their way through apple orchards, pumpkin patches and corn fields.

Careless Whiskers: Train Commuter Caught On Video Shaving
A man caught on video lathering up and giving himself a shave while riding on a New Jersey train was violating the agency's rules.

Missouri Town Gets New Newspaper, The Uranus Examiner
Cue the giggling: A small Missouri town has a new newspaper called The Uranus Examiner.

'Jaws Of Life' Used To Free Bear With Head Stuck In Milk Can
Firefighters had to use the Jaws of Life to help free a black bear whose head was stuck in a milk can in northern Minnesota.

Kangaroo Gets The Jump On Mississippi Owners And Flees
or maybe the jump - in central Mississippi.

Suspicious Item Turns Out To Be Science Experiment
Police officers spent two hours investigating a suspicious plastic container found behind a Missouri sandwich shop before determining it was a high school science experiment.

Kentucky Town Mourns Its First Female Mayor, Lucy Lou, A Dog
The town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, is known for a string of highly esteemed mayors, one of whom died this week. She was 12, and a dog.

Labrador Dog Named Lucy Saves Oregon Man From Sex Conviction
The discovery of a black Labrador named Lucy led to the unraveling of a criminal case Monday against an Oregon man who had begun serving a 50-year prison sentence.

Man Buys Slim Jims For His Dog, Lottery Ticket, Wins $10M
A New York man will be living large thanks to his decision to buy some Slim Jims for his dog.

Hundreds Of Fun-Loving Philadelphia Bicyclists Ride Nude
their clothes.

A Traffic Stop, And A Proposal: She Said Yes In Miami Beach
A woman was in for a huge surprise when Miami Beach police pulled her over.

Texas Animal Control Seizes Hundreds Of Snakes, Rodents
Animal control officials have removed more than 100 snakes and more than 400 rodents from a San Antonio home following concerns about the animals'living conditions.

Man Fined $124 For Kicking Seagull That Ate Cheeseburger
A man accused of kicking a seagull that tried to eat his cheeseburger at a New Hampshire beach has been fined $124.

Connecticut Restaurant Owner Fined Over No Dog Pee Sign
A sarcastic sign in the window of a Connecticut restaurant asking people not to let their dogs pee on the eatery's outside flower pot has earned the owner a $250 fine.

St. Louis Apartment With Kitchen-Bathroom Combo Creates Stir
the kitchen and bathroom are in the same place.

Wisconsin Pilot Flees Officers, Later Crashes Into Cornfield
Authorities say they were trying to arrest a Wisconsin man on a domestic abuse-related charge when he fled in an airplane before crashing into a cornfield.

Thief In Mexico Tries To Steal Hearse, With Body Inside
complete with a corpse inside.

High School Football Score Is 99-81, Setting Iowa Record
Council Bluffs Jefferson beat Sioux City North 99-81 on Friday night in the highest-scoring game in the history of Iowa high school football.

Oregon Officer Rescues Baby Deer Stuck In Fence
An animal welfare officer in Oregon is getting attention after her body-worn camera captured her rescuing a baby deer.

Smallest North Dakota City To Double In Population To 4
from two residents to four.

Venomous Rattlesnake Found Near Massachusetts Go-Kart Track
Police responding to a Massachusetts go-kart track found a venomous snake wrapped around a tree in the parking lot.

Sprinting Naked Man Leads LA Police On Lengthy Pursuit
A naked man who sprinted with Los Angeles police officers running after him and a police helicopter overhead is in custody after a lengthy chase .

Left Behind: Thieves Raid Virginia Store Of Right Foot Shoes
The Roanoke Times reports a Virginia shoe store lost mostly shoes designed for the right foot over the course of two break-ins this summer.

Classmates Can't Find Time Capsule Buried 30 Years Ago
Former classmates reunited in Michigan to uncover a time capsule buried 30 years ago. The result? They couldn't find it.

Humpback Whales Spotted Feeding In Boston Harbor
People taking whale watch cruises out of Boston usually have to travel miles out to sea to spot whales.

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Huge Squirrel Population Chomps Crops, Driving Farmers Nuts

Careless Whiskers: Train Commuter Caught On Video Shaving

Missouri Town Gets New Newspaper, The Uranus Examiner

'Jaws Of Life' Used To Free Bear With Head Stuck In Milk Can

Kangaroo Gets The Jump On Mississippi Owners And Flees